The SLOT acronym stands for slave of technology, and it describes the ‘gadget freak’ who can’t function without his electronic gadgets. SLOT is a common characteristic of urban teenagers, and it can be applied to either a girl or a guy. Let’s look at some examples. First, consider the Slot in the context of a job opening. In a newspaper, for example, a job slot is an interior opening in a copy desk. The chief copy editor has a slot for this position. And at the airport, a slot means that the slot is authorized by the air traffic authority.

To map a slot to an entity, use regular expressions to match strings to the correct type. For example, you might have an entity value called New York. You may have several synonyms, including Big Apple and NYC. By saying ‘NYC’, the bot understands that the user wants to map the slot to New York. Once you’ve mapped the slots to entities, you can add new ones. You can enter synonyms by selecting the text field and pressing Enter. If you’d like to delete a particular slot, simply hover over it and click the ‘X’ to remove it.

The first slot machine used five reels. By the 1980s, manufacturers had the technology to incorporate electronics and programme machines to automatically select the appropriate weighting for specific symbols. Suddenly, the odds of winning were disproportionate to the frequency of those symbols on the physical reel. It was impossible to win a jackpot with just a single spin, so the manufacturer could only offer a small amount of jackpot. With such a low probability, a machine would be too high-risk, and the payout would be less than a thousand times your initial bet.