In ice hockey, the slot is the area between the blue line and the face-off circles. There are two types of slots: the low slot is in front of the goaltender, and the high slot is in the middle of the ice above the face-off circles. This is the area where a puck can be placed to score a goal.

Both types of slots have pay tables, which list the amount of credits a player will receive if the symbols line up. Some slots also contain wild symbols, which substitute for other symbols. The pay tables are typically displayed on the front face of the machine, though older machines may have them above and below the wheel. Modern video slot machines feature a help menu that displays the pay tables.

The HTML slot element is a member of the Web Components technology suite. It allows for separate DOM trees and has global attributes. A named slot contains a name and is thus more recognizable than an empty slot. Slots are also used to manage air traffic at busy airports. This way, passengers don’t experience repeated delays.

Since the 1990s, multi-line slot machines have become popular. They contain multiple paylines, and any visible symbols can be considered a winning combination. Unlike traditional three-reel slot machines, multi-line slot machines can feature up to 1024 paylines. Most of these machines also accept variable credits. Generally, you can bet anywhere from one to 15 credits.