A casino is a building where people can gamble and play games of chance. Some casinos add a lot of other things like restaurants, stage shows, and other entertainment options to help attract patrons, but they are still primarily places where people can place wagers and try their luck.

Until recently, most casino marketing centered around demographics. Marketers would focus on age, income, and education as key indicators for how a particular audience might behave when they walk into your casino. And while this approach has been fairly effective in the past, today’s casino marketers need to be able to adapt their strategies for different audiences and different contexts.

As such, it is important to understand that the demographics that drive current casino behavior may not be the same in the future. Millennials and Gen Z will be entering the casino industry in droves soon and their preferences may shift how they interact with casinos and other gaming providers. To capitalize on this trend, casinos will need to create experiences and provide services that appeal to their needs.

Casino has a reputation as a place where the good and bad of the underworld come to life. But it is also a place where many people can enjoy a little luxury and a whole lot of fun. As such, it is no surprise that casinos often serve as ideal locations for weddings, conferences, business retreats, and group outings. Boosting your casino’s discoverability with Cvent Search Ads and Competitive Ads can put you front and center when these types of planners are searching for venues.