The word casino conjures up images of a place where high-stakes gambling takes place amid baroque flourishes. The term was coined by Italians, and its popularity spread across Europe as it gained favor among those who wanted to gamble without having to venture into the dark streets of the city. These days, casinos are not only places to play games of chance but also to dine and shop. Some even offer luxurious spas and other entertainment like floor shows or golf courses.

But most people go to casinos to play games of chance, and the odds are stacked in favor of the house. Even with the best of luck, it’s nearly impossible to walk out of a casino with more money than you came in with. Math simply isn’t your friend.

That said, there’s something about the thrill of trying to beat the odds that draws us in and keeps us coming back for more. It might be the fast pace, the glitz and glamour or the excitement of knowing you’re just one roll of the dice away from riches.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that many casinos use all sorts of tricks to keep you gambling—and spending. Using sounds, lights and physical design to lure you in and keep you playing, they are designed to make it hard to stop. But it’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you’re holding a stack of colorful chips that represent real cash, and the losses don’t seem quite as real.